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Single Source Procurement is happy to announce that we are now working with Meints Glassblowing. Meints Glassblowing is able to design, construct, and repair laboratory and specialty glassware! Please contact us if you are interested in these services.
Added: 10/04/16

Be sure to check out the Green Chemicals on our website – these are truly amazing! We have partnered up with a company that produces the only triple zero (Health, Flammability and Reactivity) cleaner in the world. They have an acid replacer is unique in that it works like an acid, but is so safe that you can use it as a hand lotion! The backbone of the cleaners is the product called SynTech, a registered name, that in various formulations can clean just about anything, while sanitizing at the same time. Since the formulations are tailored to each application, it is critical to work with us up front to make sure that all of your requirements are met. Give us a try and see how easy it is to save money and be green! The same company now can provide absorbents and spill kits, which we stock. Come on and give them a try!
Added: 08/21/14

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