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From the President

In the sixteen years that we have been serving our customers, we have been fortunate to have customers that grasp the value added service that we offer.  Others have used us on a limited basis when we have better pricing or to find "the impossible to find" product.  I will never forget when a valued customer complained to me because we were $.20 higher on a $25 bottle than what she could buy it on the web.  You have to wonder how much time does a scientist waste sourcing product?  How much does it cost to pay someone to order products?  How much does it cost to cover that person for illness or vacation?  How much does it cost to have a stockroom that will maintain anything that you request at no cost?  We strive to bring new, innovative products to our customers.  We are constantly trying to improve our offering, saving the customer time, money and effort.   Although we would rather prove a value to our customers in that we are a much added value service and a small premium price should not be a problem, we have been forced to be the low cost provider, as well.  We have taken the approach that we no longer will be subject to the MichBio pricing model, which we have always been told that that is the best pricing available.  In a way it is the best pricing, if you are the end user.  Single Source, as a distributor, can actually get better than MichBio pricing.  So, we are back to how we started, by leveraging our buy through the volume that we have based on the 182 customers that we have accumulated.  We must do something right, as we continue to grow; Single Source has offices in Kalamazoo, Plymouth, Ann Arbor and soon will have offices in Lansing and Traverse City with more in development. 

We are here because we wanted to help our scientist friends be successful and that's what we will continue to do.


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