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48 Inches of Vertical Adjustment
The GreenBroz Fan Slide makes it ridiculously easy to keep the proper airflow around your indoor grow. With our patented adjustable base plate you can quickly adjust your standard wall mounted fan height up to 48”.

When cultivating indoors, plants are normally in a relatively sealed environment without access to regular wind. Whether plants grow in a closet, a tent or a room dedicated to growing, they all need circulating air. A steady supply of fresh air along with a breeze (not too much, not too little) helps your plants grow faster.

Protects plants against Spider Mites & Fungus Gnats.

Reduces the chance of mold, bud rot, and white powdery mildew.

Helps control heat & humidity to create a perfect growing environment.

Strengthens stems by allowing them to bend & sway like in nature. Similar to being outdoors!

As air blows over the leaves, it carries away moisture released during transpiration. This allows your plants to drink more water (and pull in more nutrients at the roots.
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