MB 21UP Square Medible Trays 8ML (2 Pack)

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The World’s First Silicone Trays Marked for Medibles.

MagicalButter’s 21UP™ Gummy Tray clearly identifies medicated foods as “for adults only”. Each flexible, non-stick silicone tray makes 12 square gummies with the 21UP logo plus one large MagicalButter logo-shaped gummy. Our flexible, non-stick silicone provides a premium surface for baked goods, gummies, and other candies.


● Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

● Stain and odor resistant

● Super tough, durable silicone

● Clear 21UP mark keeps parents and children safe

The 21UP Initiative helps protect kids. Individual candies, once out of wraps, can be just as difficult to identify as being “for adults only” as a sweetened cocktail. Also, parents or guardians could face prosecution if their child is exposed to anything meant for adults only.


21UP Trays—because protecting children is important to everyone.


Weight: .5 lb

Width: 4.5 Inches

Height: 9.5 Inches

Depth: 1.5 Inches

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