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The USA Lab 50L EXRDS Series rotary evaporator turnkey system recovers solvents efficiently and fast with two times the surface area for condensing and twice the recovery volumeOur EXRDS series evaporator is an explosion proof evaporator with brush-less motors and enclosed internals to prevent any flammable / explosive material from touching the internals via seals. 


This unit provides consistent and repeatable results at an affordable price. With dual condensers and dual receiving flasks made of GG-17 High Borosilicate Glass, all pieces have been designed for efficient use of surface area, higher capacity's and higher recovery rates. This means faster recovery without compromising quality. Our evaporators come standard with safety features such as over-temperature shut off and dry-run protection. All valves and ports are high efficiency allowing a continuous feed of material as well as draining the receiving flask without breaking vacuum. 


This turnkey system comes equipped with two of our 50L DLSB-50/30 -30°C chillers, providing low temperatures and high flow rates for each condensing set-up. This allows for higher recovery rates than a single condenser set-up or using one chiller on two condensers. Our turnkey set-up also comes equipped with one of the highest quality diaphragm pumps made by Vacuubrand. The MD 4C NT 2.2CFM pump is rated for 15,000 hours maintenance free and provides a superior vacuum with an oil-free, corrosion resistant system.


No expense has been spared with these evaporators, yet we crush the market on pricing to provide great value at a low cost. Our evaporators are the best value on the market and each one comes with fantastic customer servicelocal product support and a 1 year warranty.


This Kit Includes the Following:

1pc: EXRDS-1050 50L Explosion Proof Rotary Evaporator with Dual Condenser Set-up

2pcs: DLSB-50/30 50L -30° Chillers

1pc: Vacuubrand MD 4C NT 2.2CFM Chemistry Diaphragm Vacuum Pump

2pcs: 5 Gallons of Propylene Glycol USP

2pcs: 10ft Vacuum Hose

2pcs: 11ft Insulated Chiller Line



Glass Material: GG-17 Borosilicate Glass

•Evaporation Flask Capacity: 50L

•Collection Flask Capacity: 20L

•Rotary Speed: 20-120RPM

•Bath Temperature Range: Room Temp to 180°C /356°F

•Lifting Mechanism: Electric

•Power Requirements: 220V 60Hz 30A Single Phase

•Temperature Control Accuracy: +/-1°C

•Motor Wattage: 250W

•Heater BTUs: 22,000BTU

•Achievable Vacuum: 399.9Pa

•Evaporating Capability: Water≥13L/H; Alcohol≥27L/H

•Water Bath Volume: 77L

•Dimensions: 52"L x 45"W x 84"H

•Condensing Volume: Main: 0.91㎡ x2; Auxiliary: 0.52㎡ x2

•Speed Regulation: Digital Step-Less

•Vacuum Barb: 13.3MM

•Condenser Barb: 15.5MM



USA Lab 50L EXR-1050 Rotary Evaporator Base

1 set

50L Bath Cover

1 pc

Main Condenser

2 pcs

Auxiliary Condenser

2 pcs

50L Boiling Flask

1 pc

20L Receiving Flask

2 pcs

50L Flask Cover

1 pc

Four-Way Bump Trap

1 pc

Vapor Duct with Seal (Pre-Installed)

1 set

PTFE Vacuum Sealing Kit (Pre-Installed)

1 set

Glass Vacuum Port with PTFE Valve

6 sets

Glass Feeding Tube with PTFE Valve

2 sets

PTFE Feeding Tube Extension Hose

1 pc

Vertical Stand

2 pcs

Vacuum Gauge

1 pc

Support Ring

4 pcs

Rubber Strap for Condenser

2 pc

Clamp with PTFE Gasket

16 sets

Evaporating Flask Screw Aid

1 pc

Allen Key

2 pcs

63A Fuse

1 pc

Screw Nuts for Clamps

2 pcs

Springs for Clamps

2 pcs

Gasket for Clamps

4 sets

3oz. Vacuum Grease

1 pc

Vacuum Hose



We ship all glassware products with additional care, but sometimes they arrive broken. If glassware arrives broken, please contact us within 3 days
 of receiving your product and we will either send you a brand new piece or send you a refund! 
Any glassware broken after delivery voids all warranties. Thank you for understanding!
1 Year parts and labor warranty included. Does not include glassware.

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