Acetone, ACS Grade

Acetone, ACS Grade


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CAS No 67-64-1

Suitable for histology and cytology applications.

Synonymns: Dimethyl Ketone; 2-Propanone
Chemical Formula: C3H6O
Formula Weight: MW 58.08
Chemical Specifications
Residue after evaporation 0.001% max.
Water by Karl Fischer titration 0.5% max.
Titrable base 0.6 µeq/g max.
Titrable acid 0.3 µeq/g max.
Substances reducing permanganate Pass
Assay (GC, excluding water) 99.5% min.
Solubility in water Pass
Aldehyde (as HCHO) 0.002% max.
Methanol 0.05% max.
Color (APHA) 10 max.
Isopropyl alcohol 0.05% max.
Meets ACS specifications for general use Pass
DOT Description Acetone
Hazard Class 3
UN No PG UN1090
Packaging Group PG II

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