The services that Single Source Procurement offers is customized to each individual client.

For many of our clients, we act as their personal purchasing department.  We source a full range of products, from services and materials to consumables and make sure that everything we order and purchase for our client is correct and arrives on time.  We track and monitor shipments and in the event of canceled or back ordered items, we will exhaust all options until the exact product is located or an acceptable alternative is found.  



We extend our credit with suppliers by offering our clients attractive terms and discounts. Full-service procurement can also mean additional accounting expertise at your discretion.

You can eliminate processing payments to multiple vendors and save by issuing one payment to Single Source Procurement.

Inventory Management

Inventory management can be labor intensive and prone to errors. 

By effectively managing your inventory, Single Source will ensure you have the right products in the right quantity at the right time.  We will work with customers to set specific parameters to avoid expiration or obsolescence of ordered items, and overspending on stock that’s taking up valuable and limited lab space. 

Money spent on inventory is money not spent on revenue growth. Single Source Procurement will manage your inventory wisely so you can get back to what is important.

Contract negotiation/Management

Single Source assists clients with the often-difficult process of navigating mutually beneficial contract negotiations.  Our staff is certified in Purchasing Management and will be happy to answer your questions.

What Others Have To Say About Us


"Lycera has worked with SSP for about 8 years and your services have become integral to our business.  I cannot imagine how we would function without you.  The efficiency and savings that you generate, in both time and money, allow Lycera scientists to focus on our core business, with complete confidence that SSP is supporting all of our sourcing needs.  Keep up the amazing work."

-Peter Toogood, SVP Chemistry, Lycera


"Jen and SSP provide such valuable service to my company that we often forget that Jen doesn’t work directly for us!  She truly understands our ordering needs, our timelines, and our communication needs!"

-L.C Assoc. Dir. CMC Project Management