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The USA Lab 20L Single Jacketed Glass Reactor turnkey system is the best reactor kit on the market. This kit comes with a USA Lab 20L UHC-20/40 Heater chiller that can bring your reactor down to a freezing temperature of -40°C and all the way back up to the high temperature of 200°C. This allows users to have accurate temperature control and a large range of temperature for a variety of applications. With each kit comes the MD 4C NT 2.2CFM Chemistry Diaphragm Pump, a top tier vacuum pump from Vacuubrand. 
No expense has been spared with this reactor turnkey system, yet we crush the market on pricing to provide great value at a low cost. Our reactor turnkey systems are the best value on the market and each one comes with fantastic customer servicelocal product support and a 1 year warranty.
Bring your lab to the next level, and get started with a USA Lab single jacketed reactor turnkey system today! 
This turnkey system included the following:
1pc: USA Lab 20L Single Jacketed Reactor JR-20
1pc: USA Lab 20L -40°C to 200°C Heater Chiller UHC-20/40
1pc: USA Lab 30L -20°C Chiller DLSB-30/30
1pc: Vacuubrand MD 4C NT 2.2CFM Chemistry Diaphragm Pump


Glass Material: GG-17 Borosilicate Glass

•Reaction Vessel Capacity: 20L

•Material Flask Capacity: 5L

•Fluid Jacket Capacity: 8L

•Rotary Speed: 0-450RPM

•Glass Temperature Range: -80°C to 250°C / -112°F to 482

•Power Requirements: 110V 60Hz 15A Single Phase

•Stirrer Wattage: 90W

•Vacuum Level: Under 0.098Mpa

•Dimensions: 39"L x 20.4"W x 79"H

•Weight: 176lbs

•Speed Regulation: Digital Step-Less

•Condenser and Feed Valve Barbs: 10MM - 3/8"

•Bottom Drain Port: 35MM - 1 3/8"

•Receiving Flask Barb: 16MM - 5/8"

•Fluid Connection: 16MM - 5/8"


USA Lab 20L Jacketed Reactor JR-20

1 set

Main Condenser

1 pc

2L Material Flask

1 pc

5L Receiving Flask

1 pc

Reflux Flask with Valve

1 pc

Feed Ports

3 sets

Lid Glass PTFE Stopper w/ Barb

1 pc

Strap for Condenser and Material Flask

2 sets

Sealing Screw / Flange

2 sets

Fluid Line Sealing Clamp / Flange

2 sets

Control Box

1 pc

Vacuum Gauge

1 pc

Support Rings

2 pcs

Stirring Motor w/ Paddle

1 set

Temperature Probe

1 pc

Liquid 5/8" Connections

2 pcs

S35 Metal Clamp

1 pc

3oz. Vacuum Grease

1 pc

Vacuum Hose

10 ft.


The USA Lab UHC-20/40 is a powerful -40°C to 200°C Heater Chiller with a 20L Reservoir. This heater chiller is ideal for applications involving vacuum systems, jacketed reactors, rotary evaporators, columns, solvent tanks, and even analytical instruments. These units are "Closed loop" and have a small in-feed hole allowing for the entire fluid reservoir to be closed off from the outside environment. The UHC heater chillers have easily accessible control panels for easy adjustments and repair.


The USA Lab UHC-20/40 heater chiller offer unbeatable performanceease of use and high reliability. These units keep quiet despite having a powerful pump allowing for constant flow rates to match the needs of demanding applications.



•Reservoir Capacity: 6L

•Temperature Range: Room Temperature to -40°C to 200°C

Power Requirements: 220V 60Hz 20A 3000W Single Phase

•Heating Wattage: 3kW

Refrigerating Wattage: 2kW

•Circulating Pump Wattage: 100W

•Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2°C

•Pump Flow: 18L/Min

•Pump Pressure: 4Kpa

•Connection Size: 3/4"

•Dimensions: 25" x 22" x 42"

•Weight: 197lbs



USA Lab UHC-20/40 Heater Chiller

1 pc

3/4" Insulated Tubing - 6ft


3/4" Valve

1 pc

3/4" NPT Hex

1 pc

PTFE Sealing Tape

1 pc



We ship all glassware products with additional care, but sometimes they arrive broken. If glassware arrives broken, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your product and we will either send you a brand new piece or send you a refund!  Any glassware broken after delivery voids all warranties. Thank you for understanding!

USA Lab is not responsible for glassware failure due to improperly checked glassware before and after use. Over time glassware may develop imperfections through usage, stress, misuse and even temperature variations. It is your responsibility as the consumer to inspect glassware prior to and after use for any imperfections that may have occurred. Upon inspection, if any imperfections are noticed, do not use the glassware. Glassware with imperfections may fail and cause harm.

1 Year parts and labor warranty included, glass is not covered under warranty.

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