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Our Premium 5L Short Path Distillation Kit is made with high quality USA Made Glass and a specially designed head to allow for excellent distillation at a great value. This kit is designed for high production and consistent results
This distillation kit comes with a wide 45/50 joint head allowing for faster flow, a molecular magnet thermowell built in, and a 24/40 vacuum take-off adapter to allow for easy switching of receiving flasks.
With our 5L comes a USA Lab 5L -10°C to 99°C heater chiller for your condenser and a USA Lab UVP-21 21CFM vacuum pump for deep, high CFM vacuum.


 1x: USA Lab 5L 110V 380°C ZNCL-TS-5000 Stirrer Heating Mantle

 1x: USA Lab UVP-21 21CFM Vacuum Pump 220V 15A w/ Mist Filter

 1x: USA Lab 5L -10°C to 99°C Heater Chiller w/ Water Line

 1x: USA Lab 5L Thermal Shield

 1x: USA Made - 5L Fractional Distillation Head - 45/50 Bottom

 1x: USA Made - 5L 2 Neck Boiling Flask - 45/50 Flange & 24/40

 1x: USA Made - Vacuum Take-Off Adapter - 24/40 - 1x GL-16 Cap

 1x: 2000mL 1 Neck Round Bottom Flask - 24/40

 1x: USA Made - 24/40 Thermowell

 2x: USA Made - GL-16 Connection

 1x: USA Made - Jumbo Cold Trap

 1x: 1000ml Round Bottom Flask 24/40 1 neck

 2x: 2000ml Round Bottom Flask 24/40 1 neck

 3x: 24" KF25 Below Hose

 6x: KF25 Centering Ring

 6x: KF25 Clamp

 3x: KF25 to 24/40 Adapter w/ o-ring

 1x: KF25 Tee

 1x: KF25 to 1/8" FNPT for Digivac Gauge

 1x: Digivac Bullseye Vacuum Gauge

 5x: 24/40 Stainless Steel Keck Clamp

 2x: Cork Stand

 1x: 8"x8" Jack Stand

 1x: 16"x10"x27" Lab Stand

 1x: RE-501 Stand for Cold Trap

 1x: RE-501 Strap for Cold Trap w/ Holder

 1x: RE-501 Ring for Cold Trap w/ Holder

 9x: Boss Head Clamp

 5x: 3-Finger Adjustable Clamp 0-70mm

 1x: Digital Thermometer

 2x: Heating Mantle Stainless Steel Threaded Pole

 1x: 27" Stainless Steel Threaded Pole to attach to mantle and cold trap

 1x: Stir Magnet

 1x: 1 Gal. Inland 19 Vacuum Pump Oil

 1x: 1 Gal. Propylene Glycol

 1x: Apiezon Vacuum Grease

Our new line of corrosion resistant UVP-21 21 cfm vacuum pumps provide superior quality that can compliment multiple applications. These pumps are designed for reliable, long term use at 0.3 micron and a powerful pumping speed of 21 cfm. Each pump comes standard with an exhaust oil mist filter and all parts needed to connect to any system for immediate use. Our UVP-21 pump is great for any laboratory application, including short path distillation, vacuum ovens, and many more. Upgrade today and get one of the most superior vacuum pumps on the market at an affordable price.


  • Allows users to control the gas ballast for multiple vacuum levels.
  • Corrosion-resistant vanes for premium reliability.
  • Low noise level and noise-dampening rubber feet.
  • Internal check-valve, preventing accidental back-flow.
  • Easy to change oil mist filter.
  • Large oil reservoir.



Electrical Requirements: 220V 15A 1100W Single Phase

•Pumping Flow Rate: 21 CFM

Ultimate Vacuum without Gas Ballast: 0.3 Micron

Ultimate Vacuum with Gas Ballast: 6 Micron

•Oil Volume: 2 Liter / 2.1 Quart

•Recommended Oil: Inland 19

•Inlet/Outlet Connection: KF25

•Motor Speed: 1720 rpm

Noise Level: <58 dB

•Working Temperature: 5-40°C

•Weight: 94Lbs

•Warranty: 2 Years



•USA Lab UVP-21 21cfm Vacuum Pump: 1pc

•Oil Mist Filter: 1pc

•KF25 Clamp: 2pcs

•KF25 Centering Ring: 2pcs

•KF25 to 3/8" barb: 1pc

•User Manual: 1pc

We ship all glassware products with additional care, but sometimes they arrive broken. If glassware arrives broken, please contact us within 3 days of receiving your product and we will either send you a brand new piece or send you a refund! Any glassware broken after delivery voids all warranties. Thank you for understanding!

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