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Our RNase, DNase and pyrogen free 1.7ml Microcentrifuge Tubes come in a convenient case, offering reliable performance and versatility for your laboratory needs. Designed for precision and durability, these tubes are ideal for a wide range of applications, from sample storage and preparation to centrifugation and PCR.


Crafted with high-quality materials, these microcentrifuge tubes ensure optimal sample integrity and protection, even under extreme conditions. With a secure snap-cap closure, they provide a tight seal to prevent leakage and contamination, safeguarding your valuable samples.


Packaged in cases for easy storage and organization, these 1.7ml Microcentrifuge Tubes are ready to meet the demands of your laboratory workflow. Whether you're conducting routine experiments, clinical assays, or research studies, these tubes offer consistent performance and reliability, ensuring accurate and reproducible results.


Experience the convenience and quality of these Microcentrifuge Tubes and elevate your laboratory operations to new heights. With their superior design and functionality, these tubes are the perfect solution for your sample handling needs.

1.7ml Microcentrifuge tubes/case X 5000

SKU: 1159M35
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