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These 25ml Reagent Reservoirs, thoughtfully packaged in cases, are meticulously crafted to enhance your laboratory's efficiency and precision. Engineered with premium materials, these reservoirs offer superior chemical compatibility and durability, ensuring reliable performance in various laboratory applications.


Designed with convenience in mind, our reagent reservoirs feature graduated markings for accurate volume measurements, allowing for precise dispensing of liquids during experiments and assays. The spacious design accommodates ample reagent volumes while minimizing the risk of spills and contamination.


Packaged in cases for easy storage and organization, these 25ml Reagent Reservoirs are ready to streamline your laboratory workflow. Whether you're conducting biochemical assays, molecular biology experiments, or drug screening assays, these reservoirs provide the ideal solution for your liquid handling needs.


Experience the reliability and versatility of these Reagent Reservoirs and elevate your laboratory operations to new heights. With their exceptional quality and functionality, these reservoirs empower you to achieve consistent and reproducible results, ensuring the success of your scientific endeavors.

25ml Reagent Reservoirs/case

SKU: 1228K18
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