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Low Lint Wipes, sized at 14.5 x 16 inches per case, are meticulously designed to provide superior cleaning performance in critical environments. Crafted with precision and care, these wipes offer exceptional lint-free properties, ensuring a pristine finish without leaving behind any residue.


Engineered for versatility, our low lint wipes are perfect for a wide range of applications, from precision cleaning in laboratories and cleanrooms to surface wiping in manufacturing and electronics industries. With their large size, they cover more surface area, reducing the time and effort required for cleaning tasks.


Packaged conveniently in cases, these low lint wipes are easy to store and access whenever needed. Whether you're tackling delicate instruments, sensitive equipment, or intricate machinery, these wipes deliver consistent results, leaving surfaces spotless and streak-free.


Trust in the reliability and performance of these low lint wipes to meet the stringent cleanliness standards of your industry. Experience the difference of superior cleaning with our premium wipes, designed to exceed your expectations every time.

Low lint wipes 14.5 X 16"/case

SKU: 21A00A380
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