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Introducing the Mini Vortex Mixer, the compact solution for efficient mixing in any laboratory or workspace. This innovative mixer offers unparalleled performance and versatility in a sleek, space-saving design.

With its powerful vortexing action, this mini mixer delivers rapid and thorough mixing of various liquid samples, from small vials to microplates. Whether you're blending reagents, suspensions, or emulsions, our mixer ensures uniform results every time.

Equipped with adjustable speed settings and a touch operation panel, this mixer provides precise control over mixing parameters to accommodate a wide range of applications. Its sturdy construction and quiet operation make it ideal for use in laboratories, research facilities, and educational settings.

Compact, reliable, and easy to use, the Mini Vortex Mixer from SINGLE SOURCE PROCUREMENT is the perfect solution for your mixing needs. Upgrade your workflow and achieve consistent results with this essential laboratory tool."

Mini Vortex Mixer

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